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Dr. Dale C. Hopson

Dr. D.C. Hopson is a vessel of Christ, ministerial and business visionary, writer, singer, musician, and philanthropist. He is a native of Memphis, Tennessee and a father of six beautiful children. God chose Dr. Dale C. Hopson from the womb. He received Christ at the age of fourteen. At the age of seventeen, he was anointed by God to preach. He accepted God's will for his life at the age of twenty-three. Through many tough trials and the potter's clay process, God continues to supernaturally perfect him into his completed work.


Dr. Dale Hopson was elevated by God as the Founder of L.F.S.H.M. He has been afforded to serve as a prolific motivational speaker, evangelist and teacher for several revivals, conferences, and motivational seminars throughout the country. He dispenses revelation/knowledge of the Holy Spirit and deliverance to God’s people through appearances on the internet live streaming, radio, social media and international television broadcasts such as Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), men/woman/youth conferences, soul-winning tent revivals, and public speaking events. He has recently been interviewed as a guest on the 1onOne show with Damon Davis. This show was featured on the Church Channel. He  has made several appearances, interviews and preached on TBN. As a result of these divine engagements, lives have been touched, set free from captivity, supernaturally healed, delivered, and restored. In addition to him being the Founder of L.F.S.H.M., he has served as a Faith Based Counselor for at-risk pregnant mothers, Faith Based Clergy Police Member with the Memphis Police Department. He was also a minister and evangelist with COGIC Organization. He served as Evangelist, Pastor Coordinator, Assistant Pastor, and House Prophet to a thriving 3,000 member non-denominational ministry. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2013, he has become an intricate part of helping end homelessness in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Dale C. Hopson received his Bachelor of Theology, Master of Theology Degrees from International Miracle Institute in Pensecola Florida. He also recently received his Doctorate in Christian Theology October, 2017. He was also Ordained and Licensed with International license from International  Miracle Institute October 2017. Dr. Dale Hopson was also ordained and licensed in 2006 as a Pastor under the leadership of Dr. Sherman Watkins (Prelate), Bishop T. D. Jakes (Vice Prelate), Bishop Glen Staples (Second Vice/Prelate), Bishop Elijah Gray, Bishop Kenneth Dupree, and the entire Board of Bishops of the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies. Due to this divine impartation and connection to excellent leadership, his ministry has now been given the opportunity to expand and grow internationally. He presently serves an Pastor of Evangelism and Head of Security operations for California Worship Center under the leadership of Senior Pastors Warryn and Erica Campbell in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Dale C. Hopson continues to spread the gospel, expand his vision as a soul-winner, and train disciples in the kingdom of God. Dr. Dale C. Hopson's vision is continuing to afford him travel to Africa and several nations by invitation as a guest speaker to win souls and lead spiritual warfare in areas of international strongholds through intercessory prayer by the power of the Holy Spirit. As an author, he is preparing to release several books and other projects that will be forthcoming. Dr. Dale Hopson is continuing to meet and exceed the Kingdom expectation of winning souls in this last season of the multi-cultural harvest before the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This ministry is committed to fishing for the souls of men and their nets are always launched out into the deep.

"The Harvest is Plentiful But the Laborers are Few" Matthew 9:37

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